How to edit my order?

If you haven’t already submitted your order, click on your card in the shopping cart and click the “edit order” button in the bottom left of your screen.  If you have already submitted your order, you will need to cancel your order from the Past Orders screen in the App.  Tap on the Main Menu, then MyFelt, and the Past Orders screen is there.  You will automatically be credited back with Felt Credits so you won't have to pay again to resubmit your card.

If you want to resubmit your card, save your card to your Drafts from the Past Orders screen, or if it was the last card you sent, go back to the main screen with the wooden background and click “Copy Last Card” on the home screen next to the “+” sign.  Alternatively, tap Drafts in the upper right corner and tap on the card to pull it up.  Recreate your envelope and resubmit your order.  The Drafts and Copy Last Card features are not available on Android at this time.  Coming soon!